New Report Unveils The Top 5 Artists For Investment This Year

Get Access To Our Top Art Investment Recommendations

This valuable report details 5 artists that we’re recommending for investment this year.

Works from each of these rising stars is expected to experience significant returns over the next 12 months.

Now you can find the best artists to buy, before everybody else.

Trusted By 1,000+ Investors

Art Futures Group has been trusted by more than 1,000 investors to protect and grow wealth by investing in art.

Our proven step-by-step strategy provides investors with unparalleled confidence by identifying undervalued mid-career artists then purchasing artwork direct. Bypassing the intermediaries reduces acquisition costs and ensures authenticity.

In addition to capital growth, an innovative art leasing program allows qualifying investments to earn quarterly cash dividends by renting artwork to corporations and affluent individuals.

Get started by filling in the form on this page to get access to our hottest investment opportunities. From the thousands of alternatives, we’ve narrowed the scope and have carefully built a list of our top recommendations.

Why Art Futures Group?

  • Direct relationships with leading Chinese artists
  • Art investments can be leased to generate cash dividends
  • Investments from $10,000 HKD to more than $1M HKD
  • All artwork is available immediately
  • Storage and/or transportation arrangements included for all purchases
  • International buyers welcome

Where Should We Send Our 2019 Artist Report?

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