Our Services

At Ignition, we specialize in comprehensive Marketing Audits that provide businesses with an independent analysis of current performance, deficiencies and opportunities. Our Marketing Blueprints take this a step further by giving business owners fresh ideas and a detailed framework to increase exposure, sales and retention. We realize that there is no single strategy or plan that works for every business type. Each of our services can be integrated as part of a broader strategy that is designed to rapidly advance your brand and increase sales.

  • Marketing Audits (One-time and Continuous)
  • Marketing Blueprints
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising (Search, Social, Display)
  • Inbound & Content Marketing
  • Video Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email & Referral Marketing
  • Website & Conversion Optimization

Marketing Audits

Whether you’re spending millions on marketing, or nothing all, it’s imperative to understand how you stack up in the marketplace. Our marketing audits dig deep into your business to understand your position, current performance and identify opportunities to grow your business.

We’re not talking about one of those “free” audits offered by everyone else… This is a 400-point inspection that will take our team a week to complete. The goal isn’t to sell you anything, it’s to give you a thorough and independent assessment.

You will gain a detailed understanding of the current state of your marketing to recognize areas that could use improvement. There are three goals of the audit: assess performance, detect deficiencies and identify opportunities. Upon conclusion you will have implementation strategies to fix problems and fresh ideas that can be implemented immediately.

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Marketing Blueprints

Success doesn’t just happen. It happens by design. When you purchase a customized Marketing Blueprint for your company, you will receive a detailed plan to take your marketing effort to the next level. We pull in all of our experts to carefully analyze available channels and identify the best opportunities for you. Our Marketing Blueprints identify a clear path to establishing a strong competitive position, increasing the value of your brand and making your advertising spend more effective.

Push the envelope. Raise the bar. Let us help your company design a Marketing Blueprint that takes you to the next level.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

At Ignition we utilize four main categories of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising: Search, Display, Re-targeting and Native Content. For each of our campaigns we begin by looking for the “low hanging fruit” first. Our goal is to find opportunities that can begin producing a positive return on investment as quickly as possible.

The center point of most campaigns is search. It’s imperative that your business appears when people are looking for your services. Gone are the days of the Yellow Pages. Now people use Google, Bing & Yahoo instead. Properly executed search engine campaigns will begin producing sales within 30 days. We research keywords, construct relevant ads, build lead-generation pages and constantly monitor the campaign. Your business will get leads from targeted customers, people that are looking for your exact products & services.


  • Immediate results
  • Small upfront investment
  • Easy to gauge ROI
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Inbound & Content Marketing

Developing a content marketing strategy will allow you to generate huge amounts of traffic at an extremely low-cost. Once established, content marketing is the lowest-cost digital medium. The only negative is that even a properly executed content strategy will not begin producing results for up to 12 months. This service focuses on producing website traffic from non-paid links.


  • Huge competitive advantage
  • Develops reputation & credability
  • Can lower marketing costs over long-term
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Email & Referral Marketing

Leverage your past, future and existing customers using email. We help construct powerful email workflows which generate return sales, add-on purchases and customer referrals. It’s a snowball effect, using email marketing increases the overall value of each customer. When combined with other advertising mediums businesses experience exponential growth.


  • Immediate results
  • Low cost
  • Increases Lifetime Customer Value
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Website & Conversion Optimization

The foundation of your online marketing activities is your website. It’s the bedrock upon which all promotional activities will be based. Before you invest a single dollar in digital marketing, you want to make sure that your website has it’s message right. Your website must tell your story and gradually lead visitors to take a desired action.

Your website cannot simply be an online brochure that gets viewed, it must ENGAGE. Your website needs to be optimized to not just provide information, but to get visitors interacting back. Our Website Optimization service helps improve the usability, interactivity and conversion rate of your website. We carefully analyze ways to keep customers on your website longer, increase lead generation, reduce cart abandonment, accelerate the sales cycle and increase average order size.


  • Increase conversion rates
  • Reduce cart abondonment
  • Accelerate sales cycle
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Search Engine Optimization

In today’s environment search engine optimization is closely tied to inbound marketing. The premise of both is the same, bringing in visitors without spending money on advertising. Building traffic that does not cost you is obviously a huge competitive advantage, but be aware that this doesn’t happen overnight. Investing in search optimization will take months with no predictability as to what you’ll achieve. You’re investment might get you to #1 or it might leave you still on page #100 — there is no way of telling what you’ll get.

Our search optimization service involves a three part strategy: (1) consistently creating high quality content (2) getting content which includes a link to your website published on reputable websites (3) optimizing on-page website structure and speed.


  • Long-term competitive advantage
  • Potential to lower long-term costs
  • Establish reputation & credability
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Video Advertising

Video remains the most persuasive media platform available to online marketers. We can help you develop an effective strategy to leverage video whether it’s shooting quick learner videos with a cellphone, or orchestrating a world-class production. Our team creates storyboards that are designed to create an emotional connection between viewers and your brand. We balance education with a very human feel that will make people love you and what you do.

After production, our team can assist with distribution online or by leveraging broadcast mediums. Video is most effective when combined with a Pay Per Click or Inbound Marketing campaign.


  • Most persuasive medium
  • Builds emotional connection
  • Best when combined with Pay Per Click & Inbound Marketing campaign
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Digital Signage

Have a physical location? Then it is imperative that your business maximizes the value derived from each on-site visitor. Using televisions, menu-boards and kiosks at locations will immediately increase the average sale per customer. Leveraging digital signage allows you to immediately analyze the sales impact of videos, images and text-based promotions. Eliminate ineffective content without calling the print-shop.


  • Increase average sale at physical locations
  • Gather customer feedback
  • Increase relevancy and timeliness of in-store advertising
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