Lumber Liquidators vs YOU. How can you win?

They are growing fast… Over $1 billion in sales.You must act fast.

In reality, your flooring company has the upper hand against the “big boys.”You’ve got salespeople that know their stuff, fabulous installers and an outstanding selection of products.You’re prices might not be the lowest, but you are competitive.And, after-all people know that they get what they pay for… Right?

So, why do Lumber Liquidators, Home Depot and Lowe’s continue to win business?How can they provide inferior service and continue to win customers?

Heck- Lumber Liquidators knowingly sold flooring that raised the risk of people getting cancer!!!!(See here: . Even after this scandal, people continue to buy from them.They sold over $1 billion in flooring in 2016 and they continue to grow!

These major companies are crushing it.But, why?

What makes consumers continue to choose them over you?You’ve got the upper hand on so many levels, why doesn’t it feel that way any more?

There is one crucial thing that separates you and them… Great Marketing.

They employ major ad agencies that are building their brand each day.They are leveraging the latest technologies.They are writing great ads.They are constantly pushing the envelope.And it’s working… People are buying from them in droves.

Now’s your chance to fight back.

You can either choose to do battle, or allow them to continue to grab market share.Each day that you sit idle you’re allowing them to get even further ahead.

It all changes when you join their ranks by hiring a world class ad agency of your own.

That’s us.

Ignition Advertising is a flat-fee advertising agency that specializes in helping flooring companies leverage the same techniques employed by the national brands.We help you compete and win against anyone.

With our “Flat-Fee Agency” plan, you get all-inclusive digital advertising management from initial planning through to execution.We win back territory from your competitors, letting you focus on running your business.

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Monthly Campaign Summaries

Our clients love this!Every month we produce a video detailing our efforts on your campaign.We summarize all meetings with you, all strategy decisions, new implementations, ad copy, landing pages and campaign results.It’s a powerful recap.You can send the link to your CEO, CFO, Marketing Director or anybody else!These videos keep us accountable and establish a track-record of our performance.

Constant Monitoring of Sales Funnel

It’s critical that your campaign converts.Every additional lead and sale matters.Our goal is to squeeze the maximum amount of value from your advertising budget.In order to achieve this we constantly monitor your campaigns.There is always a set of eyes looking out for your interests.Your campaign is completely optimized for leads & sales — what matters to you!

Powerful & Beautiful Campaigns.

Your brand is carefully considered in all our actions.Each company is different and we execute campaigns accordingly.Campaigns are constructed with a beautiful design that conveys your brand and produces results.We’ve got a full team to bring your campaign to life.

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We’d love to be YOUR advertising agency.We’d love to help you beat your all your competitors.We’d love to bring customers (and profits) through your door.Our campaigns will allow you to compete with anybody.Together we will build campaigns positioning you as an industry leader and leaving competitors in the dust.

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