Is Your Marketing Effort On The Right Track?

Don’t Risk An Oversight or Mistake. Get An Independent Audit Today.

Whether you’re spending millions on marketing, or nothing all, it’s imperative to understand how you stack up in the marketplace. Our marketing audits dig deep into your business to understand your position, current performance and identify opportunities to grow your business.

We’re not talking about one of those “free” audits offered by everyone else… This is a 400-point inspection that will take our team a week to complete. The goal isn’t to sell you anything, it’s to give you a thorough and independent assessment.

You will gain a detailed understanding of the current state of your marketing to recognize areas that could use improvement. There are three goals of the audit: assess performance, detect deficiencies and identify opportunities. Upon conclusion you will have corrective actions to fix problems and fresh ideas that can be implemented immediately.

An independent marketing audit is a must for every business looking to grow their market position and increase sales.

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Video Audit Summary

Our clients love this! In addition to our audit report, we produce a recorded summary of the findings. We summarize all discovery meetings, scope of audit and detailed results of our findings. It’s a powerful recap. You can send the link to your CEO, CFO, Marketing Director or anybody else! These videos allow for easier implementation by giving you a guided visual aid that can be shared across your team.

400-Point Comprehensive Audit

Our audits begin by taking a look at the strength of your company’s high level strategy and positioning among competitors. We then dig into your website to ensure that it makes your position clear and advances visitors on their path towards a purchase. From there we drill down deeper into all major subsets of your marketing effort:
print, broadcast, search, pay per click, social media, content marketing and press outreach.

How Strong Are Your Messages?

We go beyond checklists and take a close look at your messages. Are your messages warm and connect with audience on an emotional level? Or, are they cold and removed? Our team of world-class copywriters examines the strength of your website and advertising material to identify ways you can resonate with your audience in a personal way.

Let’s Get Started Today

Please consider us for your next Marketing Audit. We’re not out to point fingers or put anyone out of a job – our goal is to make everyone on your team better.

Getting an independent perspective makes a world of difference. We give you a fresh set of eyes to help you see your marketing efforts in the same way that your clients do.

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