Build Your Advertising plan

Step #3: Inbound & Content Marketing

The foundation of your online marketing activities is your website. It’s the bedrock upon which all promotional activities will be based. Before you invest a single dollar in digital marketing, you want to make sure that your website has it’s message right. Your website must tell your story and gradually lead visitors to take desired action.

Your website cannot simply be an online brochure that gets viewed, it must ENGAGE. Your website needs to be optimized to not just provide information, but to get visitors interacting back. Once your website is designed with interactivity in mind it’s ready for marketing.

Do you need help with inbound marketing?
Yes, please help me
No, my inbound marketing rocks already

How much time should we spend on initial strategy & planning?
Lots. (20 hours. $1000)
Some. (10 hours. $500)
Minimum. (5 hours. $250)

How many blog posts should we produce?
16 per month. ($1,200/month)
8 per month ($600/month)
2 per month ($150/month)

How many hours should we spend producing e-books and whitepapers?
40 hours per month. ($2,000/month)
20 hours per month ($1,000/month)
10 hours per month ($500/month)

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