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Step #8: Email Marketing

Leverage your past, future and existing customers using email. We construct powerful email workflows which improve recall, generate return sales, increase add-on purchases and accelerate the sales cycle. Email marketing creates a snowball effect by increasing the overall value of each customer. When combined with other advertising mediums, it helps businesses create a powerful and long-term vehicle for growth.

Our email marketing service includes copywriting, graphic design, client segmentation, platform setup, delivery optimization, variation testing and landing page design. Whether it’s a monthly newsletter or weekly promotional updates, our emails will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

We recommend that all businesses send at least one email per month, with most businesses benefiting from sending two or more. Our team will utilize the budgeted time based on your industry, customer profile and objectives. The amount of time required for each email will depend on the content that you currently have available, the scope of the email and amount of setup time required.

Our service is broken up into an initial setup phase and on-going management phase. The setup phase involves building templates, importing addresses, segmenting and optimizing deliverability. The on-going management phase is writing, designing and sending emails at approved time intervals.

Email marketing is a must-have for your business. Let us take your effort to the next level.

Do you need help with managing your Email Marketing?
Yes, please help me
No, my email marketing is already amazing

What is your budget for Email Marketing setup? (one-time)
20 hours. $1,000
10 hours. $500
5 hours. $250

What’s your custom budget?
* Email marketing is charged at $50/hour

What is your budget for Email Marketing management? (recurring)
100 hours. $5,000/month
40 hours. $2,000/month
20 hours. $1,000/month
10 hours. $500/month
5 hours. $250/month

What’s your custom budget?
* Email marketing is charged at $50/hour