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Build Your Advertising plan

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Step #4: Inbound & Content Marketing

One of the most powerful methodologies you can implement as part of your digital strategy is inbound marketing. Instead of paying to put advertisements in front of people, you create content based on what they are already looking for. It takes a significantly different approach compared to traditional advertising by delivering value first.

It’s important to keep in mind that inbound marketing is a long-term strategy that is unlikely to yield a positive return on investment immediately. If you’re looking for an immediate sales spike then inbound marketing is unlikely to achieve your goal unless paired with paid advertising channels. With this said, investing in inbound marketing today can yield considerable benefits for your organization down the road. With investment and time you could have a consistent stream of visitors, leads and sales pouring in that is not driven by ad spend. It puts power back in your hands by insulating your company from rising ad rates and increasing competition.

Inbound marketing starts with identifying what information your target audience is already looking for. Once these topics have been discovered, relevant content is generated that is likely to appeal to the audience. The content is optimized with an eye towards maximizing relevancy on search engines and social media networks. The final step is developing a “funnel” that is designed to capture information from visitors and keep them progressing towards a sale.

We recommend that every organization allocate a portion of their budget to inbound marketing. Consistency is critical, so only add to your marketing mix if you plan on continuing to invest over the long-term.

Do you need help with inbound marketing?
Yes, please help me
No, my inbound marketing rocks already

How much time should we spend on initial strategy, setup & content generation?
40 hours. $2000.
20 hours. $1000
5 hours. $250

What’s your custom budget?
* Inbound Marketing is charged at $50/hour

How much time should we spend on on-going content generation & monitoring?
40 hours/month. ($2,000/month)
20 hours/month. ($1,000/month)
5 hours/month. ($250/month)

What’s your custom budget?
* Inbound Marketing is charged at $50/hour