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Build Your Advertising plan

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Step #2: Marketing Audit & Blueprint

Whether you’re spending millions on marketing, or nothing all, it’s imperative to understand how you stack up in the marketplace. Our marketing audits dig deep into your business to understand your position, current performance and identify opportunities to grow your business.

We’re not talking about one of those “free” audits offered by everyone else… This is a 400-point inspection that will take our team a week to complete.The goal isn’t to sell you anything, it’s to give you a thorough and independent assessment.

You will gain a detailed understanding of the current state of your marketing to recognize areas that could use improvement.There are three goals of the audit: assess performance, detect deficiencies and identify opportunities. Upon conclusion you will have implementation strategies to fix problems and fresh ideas that can be implemented immediately.

There is simply too much at risk to roll the dice. If there is something awry you need to know sooner rather than later. You need to have complete confidence that every aspect of your marketing is being executed properly and with an eye on maximizing returns.

Even the best marketing teams in the world benefit from a fresh set of eyes. By leveraging our expertise you’ll be able to make adjustments where appropriate and gain a new level of confidence in your marketing activities.

We offer two choices of audits, a One-Time Audit or a Continuous Audit. The one-time audit will provide you with a single report on the current state of your marketing at the time of audit. A continuous audit will monitor your marketing efforts on a monthly basis, keeping tabs on your marketing progress over time to ensure that identified changes are being implemented appropriately.

Would you like us to audit your marketing effort?
Yes, please conduct comprehensive audit
No, I already know what I need

Which service is best suited to you?
One-time Audit ($3,000)
Continuous Audit (12 Months, $1,000/month)