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Step #9: Press Outreach Strategy

Getting exposure for your business in the press can be a game changer. It helps your business rise to the top by giving independent support for your business. In today’s environment where anyone can publish anything, traditional media retains an authoritative perception. In addition to the “free” exposure that can come from press coverage, people are more likely to trust an organization that has been featured in a published article.

Developing a press strategy closely mirrors the activities of Search Engine Optimization and Content marketing, there are many parallels between these three areas. Press Outreach, Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing all seek to gain exposure through unpaid channels. The key difference is the ultimate objective of each.

Press Outreach focuses on getting coverage in authoritative publications. Out of all of the stories that a journalist could cover, you need them to choose to cover you. They are putting their reputation on the line with each article, so you must have something worthy of their time. Before you get scared away, let us tell you that EVERY business has a story to tell. There is always something relating to your company that could be framed in a way to garner press coverage. Always.

There are two components to Press Outreach: pitches and relationships. Pitches are how you sell a journalist on covering your company, product or service. A properly engineered pitch will consider the targeted publication and how the story will benefit it’s readers. Pitches must be carefully crafted, in many cases you only get one chance to make your case. You must demonstrate a headline that will lure people in and get them reading.

Relationships are equally important to Press Outreach. You must have a strategy in place to try to earn the attention of journalists. This might start by offering to provide a quote or small contribution for one of their other stories. Through consistent communication with a journalist you can develop a relationship and get their ear for your pitches.

At Ignition we begin by helping you construct a Press Outreach strategy. This covers both engineering pitches and developing relationships. With a proper strategy in place you can delegate the work to your own employees, or allow us to execute the plan.

Do you need help with managing your Press Outreach?
Yes, please help me
No, I’ve got Press Outreach covered

What is your budget for Press Outreach initial strategy, planning and setup? (one-time)
20 hours. $1,000
10 hours. $500
5 hours. $250

What’s your custom budget?
* Press Outreach is charged at $50/hour

What is your budget for on-going Press Outreach management? (recurring)
100 hours. $5,000/month
40 hours. $2,000/month
20 hours. $1,000/month
10 hours. $500/month
5 hours. $250/month

What’s your custom budget?
* Email marketing is charged at $50/hour