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Step #5: Search Engine Optimization (aka “SEO”)

Search Engine Optimization, more commonly simply called SEO, is one of the most talked about but least understood components of digital marketing. While the objective to claim the #1 spot on search engines is obvious, the factors determining that result are generally overlooked.

If you were to rewind 5 years ago the process of search engine optimization looked a lot different than today. The rankings were based much more significantly on links from one website to another. While this still figures into search rankings today, the now obsolete algorithms were much easier to manipulate. Nobody thought much about the quality of content they were creating, the emphasis was hiring a company which could generate a high quantity of backlinks. Search engine companies took note of the manipulation and made significant changes to their algorithms to prevent this from occurring. The result is a more complex series of factors determining where you rank.

Moving up the rankings in the current environment involves paying attention to many factors: content quality, content length, content structure, backlinks, backlink authority, citations, page speed, website encryption, mobile experience, schema code and more. The most important of these factors is consistently producing high quality content. The second is increasing the number of links pointing to your website from reputable sources.

In today’s environment search engine optimization is closely tied to inbound marketing. The premise of both is the same, bringing in visitors without spending money on advertising. Building traffic that does not cost you is obviously a huge competitive advantage, but be aware that this doesn’t happen overnight. Investing in search optimization will take months with no predictability as to what you’ll achieve. You’re investment might get you to #1 or it might leave you still on page #100 — there is no way of telling what you’ll get.

We only emphasize the uncertainty to manage your expectations. While we’re very good at search optimization, we can’t make any promises! (be wary of anybody who does) This isn’t meant to scare you away from investing in search optimization, it’s a smart investment that will likely yield an outstanding return on investment over the long-term.

Our search optimization strategy involves a three part strategy: (1) consistently creating high quality content (2) getting content which includes a link to your website published on reputable websites (3) optimizing on-page website structure and speed. If you need some help, we’ve got the best team in the industry ready to develop and execute a powerful search optimization strategy for your company.

Do you need help with search engine optimization?
Yes, please help me
No, my inbound marketing rocks already

How much time should we spend on initial strategy, meta-data optimization, backlink solicitation and content?
80 hours. $4000.
20 hours. $1000
10 hours. $500

What’s your custom budget?
* SEO is charged at $50/hour

How much time should we spend on on-going meta-data optimization, backlink solicitation and content generation?
80 hours/month. ($4,000/month)
20 hours/month. ($1,000/month)
10 hours/month. ($500/month)

What’s your custom budget?
* SEO is charged at $50/hour